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Patrick Parsons Director Mentors PhD Student

  • Posted on 3rd September 2014
  • Category: General

Dr Grant Richardson, who heads Patrick Parsons’ Environment and Energy division, recently had the pleasure of attending a ceremony, at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, for the award of PhD to Dr Johnson Oruru for his thesis on ‘The use of brewery spent grain in bioremediation of diesel contaminated soil’.

Grant acted as an external industrial mentor for Johnson throughout his PhD, advising him on aspects such as remediation techniques, methods and costs typically applied to such sites in the UK.

Patrick Parsons is actively forging links with local universities across all seven offices. The company recognises the need to recruit the best young talent, and as a employer of graduates and post-graduates, Patrick Parsons is building industrial relations with academia as this helps us to strive to better relationships with our clients.

Grant said of Johnson:
“It was an absolute pleasure supporting Johnson and a thrill to see him give his speech to the assembled ceremony. His work will hopefully go on to support the enormous task ahead of his home country, Nigeria, as they begin to tackle their legacy of hydrocarbon polluted land and groundwater. Johnson is planning to return home to put his boots on and help restore these heavily polluted sites back to a safe condition for local affected communities.”