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Patrick Parsons expands Environmental Consultancy team in the Middle East

Patrick Parsons expands Environmental Consultancy team in the Middle East

  • Posted on 10th October 2019
  • Category: People

Multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Patrick Parsons has appointed Cameron Martin to lead and grow its environmental consultancy sector in the Middle East, citing growing demand in the market for the specialist services.

UK based Patrick Parsons has had a presence in the Middle East for five years, initially focusing predominantly on providing specialist engineering support. The expansion of services to include environmental consultancy was targeted in 2018 and resulted in the rapid growth of the team with capabilities including terrestrial and marine ecology, hydrodynamic modelling, noise baseline and modelling, contaminated land, waste and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Cameron joins Patrick Parsons from Mott McDonald and has over 15 years’ experience in the Middle East, UK, Europe and Africa, predominantly in large multinational consultancies. However, he says that the market is shifting and smaller, more agile consultancies can offer advantages to clients.

Cameron said: “The current cost driven market means the big players, who historically have dominated the environmental consultancy market, are struggling to compete with the smaller companies, like Patrick Parsons, who are able to offer comparable specialised services at more affordable prices. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Middle East, across all of the main consultancy service lines on land and sea. This allows us to offer a wealth of practical knowledge at a technically competent price point. It’s an exciting time for us and we are looking to make our mark.”

Due to increased support from private lenders in Middle East focused projects, there is also a heightened focus on international best practice, namely IFC Principles For Environmental Impact Assessment and Management thereof. Such standards outline and drive how to successfully manage investment funds with the clear intent to protect and enhance the existing environment. Patrick Parsons have the in-house capability to successfully manage such demands, undertaking vast baseline surveys on regional Giga projects to conducting research and development at a local level.

Cameron said: “As the market evolves, regulations are also maturing to be more in line with international best practice. This is opening up new challenges for clients and is an area where we foresee a lot of opportunities. For example, Dubai Municipality has recently issued the first of many new guidance documents for environmental compliance and our clients are looking to us to help navigate and understand the changes and challenges ahead. This is where our wealth of experience and established stakeholder engagement really comes into play, because we can offer truly expert insight into what the changes mean and how clients need to adapt and plan for the future.”

Patrick Parsons is currently contracted for several major environmental projects in the region, supporting and providing critical input on both marine and terrestrial baselines across the west coast of Saudi Arabia and closer to home within the UAE.