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Patrick Parsons support the development of future engineers

  • Posted on 29th March 2016
  • Category: General

As part of Patrick Parsons’ ongoing corporate social responsibility activities, managing director Peter Stienlet recently took part in The Engineering Education Scheme (EES) at Newcastle University.

The scheme is an Engineering Development Trust (EDT) programme which links teams of four Year 12 students and their teachers with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems.

Peter acted as an assessor at this year’s North East Celebration and Assessment Day, which took place at Newcastle University on Tuesday 22 March.

The scheme runs annually and begins with a launch day which are held in regional batches, where teams are paired with a company and given a real life challenge that they would otherwise be working on. Companies previously involved include Kodak, Ford and the Royal Navy. The six-month programme culminates in a Celebration and Assessment Day where the teams show off their completed designs, with a final awards ceremony in the afternoon.

Peter was part of a panel of senior business people with an interest in encouraging young talent into engineering. The teams gave a presentation to the panel and Peter assessed the team’s reports and marked them against pre-set criteria before interviewing each team individually.

Annually between 1300-1400 students participate in the Scheme and there were 26 North East teams in this year’s programme.