PRIDE at Patrick Parsons

This PRIDE month Patrick Parsons is taking a stand against discrimination and showing our support to the LGBT+ community.

Patrick Parsons is an equal opportunities employer and we want to empower our employees in feeling confident, comfortable and accepted at work.

A 2015 study conducted by Alan Shelbrooke and Dr Mark McBride-Wright CEng MIChemE, highlighted some saddening issues within the Engineering Industry.

  • Engineering is behind the curve in terms of equality and diversity for LGBT people.
  • Engineers are afraid to come out for what they perceive to be both personal and professional risks in the workplace.
  • Significant fears are also held by people if they were to come out as LGBT and the effect that this homophobic culture would have on their career progression.
  • Surveys have shown that around half of LGBT people employed in Engineering are now choosing to remain closeted.
  • A lack of visibility is feeding on itself, as fewer people feel confident enough to come out and act as role models to others.
  • As a result there is an increased risk to personal metal health

You can read the full report here.

As a company that prides itself on championing diversity, these findings make for a difficult read. However, this eye opening report shows that everyone in the industry holds a level of responsibility and we simply must do better.

InterEngineering is a not for profit organisation that informs and empowers LGBT Engineers, at Patrick Parsons we are pledging to support them and their cause. Over the next year, we will be evaluating our own approach to inclusivity, starting by offering resources and training to all staff, so that we are providing the best possible working environment for all employees.

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