Neil Hobbs

Neil is our Managing Partner and has 15 years’ business experience across a variety of sectors. His impressive career journey includes holding key leadership positions at global organisations, with a significant focus in the banking sector. Throughout his career, Neil’s unwavering dedication has been to discover innovative ways to support clients, fostering an environment of success.

His tenure in the banking sector has cultivated a profound passion for developing strategic solutions that empower our clients to thrive. His visionary leadership has been pivotal in creating an operational environment where both our people and clients are at the core of every decision and action. By focussing on a client-centric approach, Neil ensures that our services consistently exceed expectations, forging lasting partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

Neil plays a critical role in refining and implementing our long-term strategy. Neil’s vision and forward-thinking mindset continually guide our company’s trajectory, empowering us to remain ahead in a dynamic market.

Beyond his professional achievements Neil’s passions extend to maintaining an active lifestyle outside of work, whether he’s lacing up his running shoes or enjoying a game of golf. Neil also enjoys watching football in his spare time.

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