Battersea Reach stands as an iconic riverside development, sprawling across seven acres in close proximity to London’s Vauxhall Underground Station. Originally a 22-storey structure, it has been expanded to include an impressive 48-storey Tower.

Covering a substantial 93,000 square meters (1,000,000 sq. ft), this mixed-use marvel houses more than 1,100 apartments, along with offices, retail units, and restaurants, creating a vibrant and dynamic urban hub.

As part of the development’s Phase 1, Patrick Parsons provided civil and structural engineering services for a 12-storey residential block, thoughtfully incorporating commercial spaces at street level and double-height penthouses. The real challenge came in constructing this block directly over the Victoria underground line, imposing restrictions on the available foundation options.

To address this, two-meter diameter piles were meticulously threaded between the tunnels and driven through the London Clay, reaching a remarkable depth of over 60 meters until they reached the stable Thanet Sand. The building itself is expertly supported on 2.5-meter-deep ground beams, spanning between the pile positions, ensuring the utmost stability and safety.

The scope of the project extended beyond the residential block, encompassing the construction of a pedestrian bridge beneath Vauxhall Bridge. This bridge aligned with the government’s vision of providing a continuous pathway along the River Thames, contributing to enhanced connectivity and accessibility in the area.

Patrick Parsons was actively involved in designing the drainage strategy for the site, ensuring efficient water management, and conducting a thorough flood risk assessment to safeguard against potential inundation hazards.

The Battersea Reach development exemplifies our commitment to delivering complex, innovative, and sustainable solutions that enrich the urban landscape and positively impact the communities they serve.


Location:               Vauxhall, London
Client:                    St George
Services:               Flood Risk & Drainage, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Battersea Reach Gallery

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