Patrick Parsons was commissioned to undertake an investigation of stockpile of approximately 8,000m³ of waste soils and demolition arisings on behalf of Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

The stockpile was preventing the development of a £7M extension to the museum. There was anecdotal evidence that the stockpile was impacted with asbestos. The investigation comprised the completion of 9 trial pits to the full depth of the stockpile with 27, representative samples being retrieved for chemical analysis. The investigation was undertaken with full health & safety procedures in place to work with potential asbestos containing materials.

Several suspected ACMs were encountered during the investigation. Patrick Parsons completed the characterisation of the waste and provided a detailed options appraisal to explore the most cost-effective form of pre-treatment and disposal. During this, Patrick Parsons worked closely with the Environment Agency, Local Authority and local waste disposal contractors. Patrick Parsons was also contracted to undertake the post removal validation works and support Brooklands throughout the rest of the development.

Location:               Surrey
Client:                    Brooklands Museum
Services:               Geo-Environmental

Brooklands Museum Gallery

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