Patrick Parsons provided infrastructure services to support the development of Drakelow Park, one of the largest brownfield site development opportunities in the East Midlands.

The mixed-used development will comprise up to 2,000 new homes, including a retirement village, local centres with commercial and community use, and associated infrastructure, including new parks. Three new roundabout junctions will provide access to the site, connecting a network of adopted highways.

An existing watercourse runs through the 110 hectares site, as both open and culverted watercourse before discharging directly to the River Trent. A series of balancing ponds have been proposed to both attenuate surface water flows from the site and to provide SuDS features for the development. A new main pumping station will be installed for foul water disposal, which will pump to the nearest suitable Severn Trent Water outfall.

Additionally, a new 1.5km bypass is required to serve the new Drakelow development and to skirt the village of Walton-on-Trent, which will result in removing local and development traffic. The new bypass will ease traffic levels in the village at peak times and will also have a 150m long bridge over the River Trent (using 3 x 50m spans) to ensure river and flood water levels are not compromised.

Location:               Burton on Trent
Client:                    Drakelow Developments Ltd
Services:               Civil Engineering

Drakelow Park & Walton Bypass Gallery

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