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Ecological surveys – what you need to know and when

Ecological surveys – what you need to know and when

  • Posted on 16th September 2018
  • Category: Environment & Energy

Obtaining early advice on ecological sensitivities associated with proposed developments is critical to the planning process to ensure that the possibility of delays is reduced through careful planning of surveys.

Considering the ecological calendar to date, surveys that should be planned over the coming months to avoid delays with permit applications can be seen below.

Patrick Parsons have recently expanded their service line to include ecology. The team provides support throughout the UK for developers (residential and commercial), energy and mining companies and utility firms. Technical services on offer include:

  • Field Surveys:
  1. Phase 1 habitat surveys
  2. Ornithology
  3. Surveys for European and Nationally Protected Species
  4. Reptiles
  5. Water Vole
  6. Introduced Species (Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsalm)
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Technical support.