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Flood Risk & Drainage

Drainage Strategy & Flood Risk are often the key to a successful Planning Application. Current practice requires a sustainable drainage strategy to be developed to balance the challenges of the project with the drainage capacity of the site. Our specialists can support full Planning Applications, as well as providing assessments of existing drainage systems, offering bespoke advice and technical solutions.

  • Drainage Design: For Planning Applications and construction, our drainage specialists will carry out the design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) in line with current legislation and best practice. We will develop the most cost-effective solutions, balancing storage and discharge of surface water within the constraints of a site and the approving bodies.
  • Flood Risk Assessments: Our specialists are able to support your Planning Application with a full Flood Risk Report in accordance with Nation Planning Policy Framework. This can include an assessment of flood levels, hydraulic modelling of minor watercourses, evaluation of the safe route of escape and evaluation of level by level or volume by volume flood compensation.
  • Drainage and flood risk advice: Our specialists are able to provide assessments of existing drainage systems and offer bespoke advice and technical solutions to existing sites with flooding or drainage problems.
  • Advice to local authorities: Our team act as the consulting Planning Officer for local authorities, offering technical comments on Planning Applications. We are able to advise the planning team on best practice and technical solutions to problem sites, advising on the appropriate level of information required to satisfy current legislation.
  • Geotechnical Investigation: We can assist with design of surface water drainage systems for infiltration and can offer full geotechnical support for a project.