Flood risk and drainage design play crucial roles in ensuring the success of a planning application. These aspects are essential for both new developments and assessing the effectiveness of existing drainage systems. Our team of specialists offers comprehensive support for full planning applications, providing expertise in flood risk assessment and drainage design.

Throughout the planning process, we work closely with project stakeholders, architects, and local authorities to integrate flood risk and drainage design considerations seamlessly into the overall development plans. Our goal is to create sustainable and resilient drainage solutions that meet regulatory requirements and mitigate flood risks effectively.

Drainage Design

For planning applications and construction, our drainage specialists will carry out the design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). This is done in line with current legislation and best practice. We will develop the most cost-effective solutions, balancing storage and discharge of surface water within the constraints of a site and the approving bodies.

Drainage and flood risk advice

Our specialists provide assessments of existing drainage systems. We offer bespoke advice and technical solutions to existing sites with flooding or drainage problems.

Geotechnical Investigation

We can assist with design of surface water drainage systems for infiltration. We can offer full geotechnical support for a project.

Flood Risk Assessments

Our specialists can support your planning application with a full Flood Risk Report. This is completed in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework. This will include an assessment of flood levels, hydraulic modelling of minor watercourses, evaluation of the safe route of escape and evaluation of level-by-level or volume-by-volume flood compensation.

Advice to local authorities

Our team act as the consulting Planning Officer for local authorities. We offer technical comments on Planning Applications. Additionally, we can advise the planning team on best practice and technical solutions to problem sites. We can also advise on the appropriate level of information required to satisfy current legislation.

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