At Patrick Parsons we are committed to delivering distinctive service to our valued clients. The Patrick Parsons client service Pillars outline our focus on communication, quality, and trust. These are the foundations that enable us to build long lasting strategic partnerships, that support our clients’ ambitions and organisational goals, and become their engineering consultancy of choice.

Our Client Service Pillars are:


There when you need us – We actively listen to our clients’ needs and concerns while maintaining open and transparent lines of dialogue throughout the collaboration. Our Client Service Charter is our promise to provide a level of service and communication that our clients can rely on.


Checks every step of the way – We uphold the highest standards and the processes we have in place ensure that our outputs are of the best quality.


We act with integrity – With our focus on communication and quality, Patrick Parsons is an Engineering Consultancy you can trust.

Client Service Charter

The relationships we have with our clients are important to us and our approach to service is the reason why they continue to chose Patrick Parsons as their consulting engineer of choice. We have developed our Client Service Charter, so that our clients know the level of service they can expect when working with us and to also ensure that we are always operating to the highest standards.

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