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The Smart Cities Agenda

The Smart Cities Agenda

  • Posted on 22nd August 2018
  • Category: Civil Engineering

Is the Smart Cities agenda just about local authorities better utilising new technology?

Or is it about all of us maximising the existing skills, infrastructure and technology in a far more integrated and collaborative way, enhancing our community efficiency and effectiveness to better our future quality of life?

Patrick Parsons are beginning to work with a variety of partners to integrate our wide portfolio of services and actively promote the “Smart Cities” agenda through everything we do. This will bring greater accessibility to many more people across communities to the ongoing and ever evolving “Smart Cities” process.

The following are some initiatives worthy of consideration:

  • Sharing of geoenvironmental information across a GIS platform providing access to our partners, to better inform future opportunities at earlier decision stages.
  • A greater adoption of real time information across our infrastructure and building projects, integrating lighting designs with wifi, bluetooth and multi-lens technology, providing an ever-changing balance to functionality, security and amenity.
  • Building on the advancement of BIM in the construction industry. Augmented Reality would place the visualisation of the before, middle and end product in the hands of the developers, contractors and end users.
  • Intelligent building and energy control and automation systems that enable remote plant operation via the internet including zoning, lighting ventilation control and smart metering.
  • Better sharing of buildings residential, leisure and commercial, leading to more agile and effective use of space itself.
  • Better heating and lighting of our buildings, leading to improved saving, storing and sharing of energy within the buildings themselves and the wider communities including: district heating systems, micro hydro-electric power generation for city building near riverd, solar PV installations to offset electric car charging and smart battery storage in buildings as demand response energy initiative.

At Patrick Parsons we believe that almost everything we do can have an impact on our future lives. Land owners, developers, designer, contractors and end users all take part in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our community.

“Smart Cities” is therefore clearly not just about Local Authorities and new technology, but with true collaboration and integration through everything we do, we all form part of the “Smart Cities” evolution and can significantly improve the future quality of life for all.