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Webinar Recording – Geothermal Energy Recovery

Webinar Recording – Geothermal Energy Recovery

  • Posted on 21st July 2020
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If you couldn’t attend our webinar ‘What Lies Beneath Your Feet?  Are you missing an opportunity for abundant, low carbon heat energy and resilient water supply?’ then click here to see what you missed.

The webinar covered:

• How to extract heat energy from the ground and groundwater
• Replacing gas with long term, low carbon district heating systems
• Aquifers and mine water: where are the best opportunities in the UK?
• Outsourcing heat recovery and plant management/maintenance
• Improve your BREEAM rating
• Boost your EPC ratings for target carbon emissions
• Heat energy cost reduction
• Minimising your development site’s carbon footprint
• Earn money from the Renewable Heat Incentive
• Water supply security and business continuity

Contact Chris Storey, Director of Geoenvironmental, if you would like to discuss the topic further.