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Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality is an increasingly pressing consideration in both developed and developing countries alike. Understanding the existing and expected impacts to the air we breathe is essential to the successful planning and mitigation of impacts.

Patrick Parsons offer a variety of environmental air quality studies to suit the needs of any project. With a depth of experience in both the assessment and management of air quality impacts, we provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to our clients.

Ascertaining the existing air quality environment of the project site is fundamental to a robust impact assessment. We offer a variety of baseline monitoring options, ranging from diffusion tubes to continuous monitoring solutions.

Similarly, the assessing future air quality conditions can require a variety of approaches. Patrick Parsons provide a project-specific solution to suit the needs of the job at hand, ranging from emissions inventory compilation through to steady-state and Lagrangian puff modelling.

Air Quality assessments offered by Patrick Parsons include:

Baseline Assessments

  • Diffusion tube surveys
  • Continuous dust monitoring systems
  • Air Quality Monitoring Stations (reference methods)

Air Dispersion Modelling

  • Screening studies (AERSCREEN)
  • Road Emissions Modelling (CALROADS)
  • Steady-state dispersion modelling (AERMOD)
  • Puff dispersion modelling (CALPUFF)