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Noise Baseline and Modelling

The assessment of noise is a common aspect of environmental due diligence for a wide range of project types. Understanding the existing and future noise climate of the project area is also a key planning consideration to ensure compliance and best practice from both a design and operating perspective.

We offer environmental baseline noise monitoring and surveys to suit any project and conform to methodologies outlined by ISO1996 and ETSU-R-97 for assessments pertaining to industrial and wind turbine noise respectively.

The modelling of noise from industrial, road traffic and rail sources is undertaken by us using the NoiseMap Five modelling platform. This highly graphical package allows for development of complex 3D models and incorporation of CAD and GIS based data formats to streamline the modelling process. The tile-based modelling system allows the simulation of large areas as well as smaller individual sites such as residential developments.

We also perform residential noise break in assessments in line with BS8233:2014 and the Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise.