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Local Authority Highway Design

Patrick Parsons has a wealth of experience in Traffic and Parking Management and Road Safety Engineering for Local Authority and Public Sector organisations, ranging from High Street improvements to road safety audits. A full comprehensive list of the services we provide Local Authorities is as below:

Traffic Management –

  • Traffic Surveys and Analysis
  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) Consolidations and Management
  • Car Parking Strategies and Management

Asset Management and Improvement Services –

  • Highway and Junction Improvements
  • Highway Maintenance assessments
  • Land Drainage and surface water flooding analysis
  • Design of Flood Alleviation Schemes

Road Safety Engineering –

  • Accident Analysis
  • Urban and Rural Road Safety Management
  • Stage 1,2 and 3 Road Safety Audits (If the development involves a new or improved access to the public highway, many local authorities will insist on a Road Safety Audit. Our Highway Engineers are able to carry out Road Safety Audits, Stages 1 through to 4, based upon Highways Agency procedure DMRB Vol 5, HD 19/15 and the IHT Guidelines. This identifies the potential road safety hazards that may arise from the improvement and recommend measures to resolve them.)

Below are some key Local Authority Highway Design projects we have been involved with:

Aldershot Parking Study

With Aldershot Town Centre struggling financially, the Council wanted to explore options to promote the vitality of the town centre and surrounding residential areas.

Patrick Parsons’ Guildford office was appointed to investigate parking issues within the town centre and suggest ways to increase its parking efficiency and space, as well as assess the financial implications of these modifications.

As part of this project, we provided traffic surveys and analysis, parking strategies and management, CAD and Surveying and introduced Controlled Parking Zones to the area. The scheme resulted in the a sharp decrease in parked car congestion and dangerous parking, with further areas earmarked for improvement to continue the upward turn in the town’s vitality.


FleetOur Guildford office was appointed to a project in Fleet, Hampshire, to consolidate all existing Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) into one.

Due to inconsistencies between the written TROs and the ground, work needed to be done to ensure that these were amended for Fleet Town Centre and its surrounding areas.

We provided an array of services on this project, which included a full waiting restrictions survey of the defined area, preparing, advertising and collating responses from the Consolidation order, as well as parking strategies and traffic management.