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Meet Hannah Haggon!

Meet Hannah Haggon!

  • Posted on 22nd March 2019
  • Category: People

Name: Hannah Haggon

Job Title: Senior Ecological Consultant

Department: Environmental Consultancy

Hannah Haggon joined the newly assembled Environmental Consultancy team at Patrick Parsons in February 2019. Here, we discuss her career so far, her day-to-day role at Patrick Parsons and how she hopes it will develop in the future.

Tell us a little about your career background prior to joining Patrick Parsons?

After graduating from Leeds University with a master’s in Biodiversity and Conservation, I began my career in a temporary position with the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI Group) in 2010. As Research Assistant, I mainly conducted research into the management and biology of sports turf.

I then spent five years at TNEI Services working on renewable energy projects and a further three at Elliott Environmental Surveyors. Operating in small teams throughout my career has been advantageous, as it has allowed me to work on various projects of all shapes and sizes. This will certainly hold me in good stead for my new role at Patrick Parsons!

How are you settling in at Patrick Parsons?

I’ve settled into Patrick Parsons well. Having worked with Josh Smithson (Environmental Consultancy Director at Patrick Parsons) on a small mammal translocation project in Dubai last year and with David (White, Ecological Consultant) in my previous role at Elliott’s, the familiarity has made the transition seamless.

What does a typical day look like in the life of a Senior Ecologist Consultant?

There isn’t really a typical day if I’m honest! It can be office based one day and carrying out sitework the next.

Primarily, my focus is ecological surveys, providing advice around them to then inform feasibility studies and planning applications. I will also be undertaking Habitat and Protected Species Surveys on a range of other developments, notably building conversions, housing projects and historical building restorations.

Which species do you predominantly deal with in your field of work?

In addition to the small mammal project in Dubai just mentioned, I undertake Phase 1 surveys and protected species work for a huge range of animals including reptiles, badgers and otters.

As a full member of CIEEM, I am also licensed to survey great crested newts and bats throughout Britain, as well as Barn owls in England. The range of species and variation of work always keeps things interesting for me.

Out of the wide range of projects you’re regularly involved with, is there anything you particularly enjoy?

Without intending to, I seem to have become a bit of a bat enthusiast in recent times! This mostly involves building assessments, but you’ll also find me climbing trees to inspect and conduct bat surveys there too.

I love the outdoors and being in a role that allows this is extremely important to me. It helps that I am also in a team that I enjoy working with, as we have to spend a great deal of time together travelling to and working on site!

 How do you see your role, and the Ecology team, developing at Patrick Parsons in the coming months and years?

Rapid company growth in recent years makes it a very exciting time to join Patrick Parsons. This growth has been reflected in the creation of the Environmental Consultancy team in the UK, which adds a range of new services and projects such as Ecology to the company portfolio.

In the long term, I’d like to see our work stretch beyond the Patrick Parsons’ existing client base as we enhance our reputation in the marketplace. Things have started extremely well and I’m looking forward to seeing where I can take this role in the next few years!

To discover more about the our Ecology team and the work that they do, please visit our Environmental Consultancy homepage.