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Environmental Impact Assessments

Working closely across our internal disciplines and with external planning consultants and technical specialists, Patrick Parsons uses state-of-the-art methods to assess the impact of new developments on all environmental receptors.

Investigating everything from ecology and forestry to archaeology and transport modelling, the team develops strategies to minimise environmental impact where possible and compiles a set of in-depth reports that form part of planning applications, with pragmatic, integrated mitigation measures that are sensitive to the identified environmental development constraints:
We always strive to enhance, maintain or restore damaged environments and where possible, encourage the introduction of new services so that we take part in creating inspiring places to live, work and have fun.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) chapters provided in-house include:

  • Geology, Soil and Land Contamination
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology
  • Drainage and Flood Risk
  • Socio-Economic
  • Design and Access
  • Transport and Traffic
  • Energy and Sustainability Assessments
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Hydrodynamic dispersion modelling
  • Air Quality
  • Noise and Vibration Assessments
  • Terrestrial and Marine Ecology

External consultant partners are engaged to provide other specialist supporting services and studies, to suit the specified EIA scope as follows:

  • Archaeology
  • Landscape and Visual
  • Planning