At Patrick Parsons, our geo-environmental team possesses extensive expertise in handling contaminated land. Our team members bring diverse backgrounds from the contracting and consulting sectors, allowing us to approach contaminated land projects with a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective.

We regularly conduct ground investigations that involve assessing the risks associated with contaminated land. Initially, we perform generic screening to identify potential contamination. In cases where significant contamination is found, we have the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge to conduct Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRA) for human health and controlled waters (groundwater and surface water).

We have established strong working relationships with contaminated land officers from local planning authorities. These connections, built on trust and local knowledge, play a vital role in our success. In addition to our contaminated land services, we also offer ground gas risk assessments, including DQRA capabilities and experience in this field.


Patrick Parsons is proud to offer specialised services in contaminated land, including expertise in key areas such as asbestos in soils, materials management planning, and soil as waste classifications. These services reflect our commitment to addressing the specific challenges associated with contaminated land and providing comprehensive solutions for brownfield development projects.

Asbestos in soils is a critical concern in brownfield sites, and our team collaborates closely with our in-house Asbestos colleagues to ensure effective risk assessment, management, and mitigation of asbestos exposure during soil-related works. By leveraging their expertise, we can accurately assess the presence of asbestos in soils and develop appropriate strategies for its determination and remediation.

We have strong expertise in polluted groundwater and dealing with fuel and hydrocarbon effected soils and have project work experience of such services in the UK, Middle East and Africa.

Contaminated land assessment services include:
  • Tier 1 risk assessment (screening)
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA)
  • Ground gas risk assessment and DQRA modelling
  • Vapour intrusion and risk assessment
  • Soil, gas and groundwater investigation
  • Remediation options appraisals
  • Remediation design and specification
  • Remediation supervision and validation
  • Regulatory liaison and approvals

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