Patrick Parsons supports Wakefield College Business Students

25 March 2022


We’re continuing to support Wakefield College students in 2022. Earlier this week our Bid Manager, Jane Crawley, and Marketing Manager, Tara Kennedy, spent time with Level 3 BTEC Business students discussing their roles, careers and delivering workplace based projects for the class to complete.

We have worked with a number of excellent staff at Wakefield College, including Work Placement Coordinator, Tony Jackson, who works hard to provide the students with an insight into the world of work before they finish their college education. He said, “Thank you to Patrick Parsons for offering such a great real world insight into the professional career roles our Level 3 Business students are progressing towards. You have raised their knowledge and aspirations supporting them on their journey to University.”

Over the last couple of years our teams have worked with students across IT, Engineering and Business Studies courses, giving them insight into the various careers paths available to them as well as providing them with projects to complete.

Jane Crawley, Patrick Parsons Bid Manager, said: “I had an informative day supporting the students at Wakefield College where I discussed my role, career and delivered workplace-based projects for the class to complete.  I believe it is important for students to be exposed to a wide variety of careers to enable them to make informed decisions and I’m happy that I got to give back and inspire.”

This is the first time since the pandemic that our staff have been able to physically visit the college and it certainly made a difference to students having someone on site throughout the day to help guide them through their tasks, as opposed to the online environment they have been subjected to recently.

Tara Kennedy, Marketing Manager at Patrick Parsons, said: “I hope that the class all enjoyed the project I set for them and took something away from the day. Its great to have the opportunity to inspire the next generation and open them up to the possibilities that their future careers may hold.”

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