Our approach to ground investigation is effectively to act as a principal contractor whereby we commission the ground investigation plant and equipment through specialist subcontractors and key suppliers.

By employing our own highly qualified geo-environmental engineers we retain control of quality, safety and data output, giving us a very close handle on achieving the objectives of the investigation on behalf of our clients.

This gives the benefit of instant feedback to the client in terms of advice as to any issues the proposed development may face and allows problem solving in the ground
at a very early stage.

We have undertaken investigations in the following difficult environments:
  • Steep slopes and rock terrain
  • Basements and low head-room buildings
  • Boggy and marshy ground
Our engineers are experienced in undertaking ground investigations with a range of investigation equipment including:
  • Window sampling
  • Dynamic probing
  • Concrete and road coring

We also provide in-situ geotechnical testing in the field which is undertaken by our own engineers or UKAS accredited laboratories who deploy field technicians on our behalf.

The types of test which we routinely undertake include:
  • In-situ CBR’s
  • In-situ plate load tests
  • In-stu hydrogeological testing & pump tests
  • Live construction sites
  • Derelict brownfield sites
  • Greenfield sites
  • Cable percussive
  • Rotary drilling
  • Hand shear vanes
  • Skip settlement tests
  • Surcharge trials

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