New opportunities in modular buildings

6 June 2017

Patrick Parsons have developed a partnership with modular housing supplier, Modular Space Solutions (MSS), who import modular building products direct from their exclusive suppliers in Europe and Asia to the UK.

From temporary accommodation to housing, schools and student accommodation to hotels, Patrick Parsons are actively working alongside MSS to develop a delivery on these projects, in combination with contractors and house-builders.

Any commercial building, apartments, and even retail outlets such as McDonalds, can comprise modular construc-tion. Modules can be built to almost any size or specification required and the exterior can be finished to almost any-thing the client wishes. Patrick Parsons will work with architects to achieve the full building design criteria to achieve UK Building Regulations requirements.

Modular buildings offer significant advantages compared to conventional buildings, including:

Shorter Construction Time – decreases con-struction time by up to 50% over conventional construction methods.
Financial Savings – it’s possible to make sav-ings of 25-35% on the cost of building a tradi-tional structure as a result of reduced labour and material cost savings.
Quality Control – unlike traditional construction practices, modular buildings are assembled in controlled environments, meaning most of the build process is sheltered from the elements.
Flexibility of Use – durable, secure and readily transportable make modular buildings ideal for both temporary and permanent applications.

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