Residential Development at Kew Bridge Station

21 May 2021

Our teams are delivering consultancy services on a 9 storey residential tower for Mackenzie (South west) Homes. This project in London, is situated on a small plot of land between Kew Bridge Road and Kew Bridge Station.

Patrick Parsons are designing the levels strategy, drainage, reinforced concrete substructure, ground and first floor transfer slab. A light gauge load bearing SFS steel frame, designed by a specialist, will be built off the RC first floor structure. Interestingly the façade will be 8 stories of uninterrupted masonry, requiring mortar bed reinforcement at each level for disproportionate collapse, and a steel support frame at first floor level.

The location of the site has posed us with some challenges, as the south boundary has very close proximity to the adjacent pub property with levels steeply rising to 2.0m above site levels. As a result, we have been heavily involved in the temporary works design in order to prop excavations for the substructure along this boundary and support the scaffolding on the poor ground. Additionally we are deeply involved in the interface with Network Rail, as the north site boundary is adjacent to the train station platform.

We will be closely following this technically challenging project as it progresses.

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