Aldershot town centre had been in decline for a number of years. In recent years a regeneration programme has been pushed forward. We were appointed by Rushmoor Borough Council to undertake the Aldershot parking study, which comprised of a full survey of the current parking situation within the town centre, including the level of use of the off-street car parks and on-street parking, and duration of stay.

From this, we were able to establish how well used parking areas were and how long people were staying for. We were also asked to consider the impact of proposed large scale developments and regeneration, on the car parking availability and potential demand. In our Aldershot parking study report we suggested ways to reduce car use within the town centre, including reducing on-street car parking along the main streets within the town centre to return to footways and introducing a Car Club within the town.

Location:         Aldershot
Client:              Rushmoor Borough Council
Services:         Traffic & Transport Planning

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