In order to obtain planning consent for the relocation of Farnborough Airport’s main visitor access, our Ash Vale office produced a transportation assessment. This estimated, for the local authority and highway authority, the traffic impact that the relocation would have on the local highway network.

Using ARCADY software for traffic modelling on roundabouts, we demonstrated that the proposed access would not cause any significant queuing or delays at the Meadow Gate Roundabout. Overall, we concluded that the proposed new access may be accommodated without detriment to vehicular flows and road safety on the surrounding highway network.

Subsequent to this we undertook the detailed design of the new access onto Meadowgate roundabout, including spot levels, drainage and sign design. We also undertook supervision of the works to ensure that it was constructed to the satisfaction of the highway authority.

Location:               Farnborough
Client:                    TAG Farnborough Airport
Services:               Planning Support, Traffic & Transport Planning

Farnborough Airport Gallery

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