The site occupied 60 Hectares of vacant land on the Isle of Grain, Medway previously used as an area to deposit PFA from the Power Station.

Goodman purchased the site and proposed approximately 2.6 million square feet of commercial development, principally B8 (warehouse) but with some B1 (offices) and B2 (light industrial) uses.

The site is immediately adjacent to the River Medway estuary and is protected by a flood defence wall and has a watercourse and balancing lagoon within it. The main access road was a relatively narrow country A road that connects to the site from the A428 roundabout some 1.5Km away. We designed road upgrade under s278 to widen to 7.3m throughout with three roundabouts to give access to key junctions, including a sustainable drainage solution.

The access road was upgraded and extended into the Goodman park to provide access to the proposed units. It was 1.5Km long and had two roundabouts to give access to the site and the adjacent Scottish Power Electricity generating station.

A balanced cut and fill exercise was undertaken to provide developable plots above the highest flood level predicted and screen bunding, winning material from the higher plot to fill the lower ones. Large balancing ponds were provided to give the necessary flood storage on the worst case design storm to allow plot development to have no additional storage requirement. A foul drainage network was provided to allow disposal of development sewage, and this network was taken by pumping mains and gravity to an outlet some 3km away.

Gas/oil pipelines crossed the site which needed to be crossed with roads and drainage. These needed to be protected and permissions sought from the controlling body who acted for Scottish Power. As much of the drainage as possible needed to be kept as high as possible due to very high water table. The use of kerb drainage was maximised to avoid surface water pipework where possible, and road side ditches/swales used to convey surface water. Small earth bunding and control orifices were utilised to enable the ditches to act as part of the surface water attenuation provision.

Location:               Medway
Client:                    Goodman Developments
Services:               Civil Engineering, Traffic & Transport Planning, Flood Risk & Drainage

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