Patrick Parsons provided proposals to develop a Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant which processes waste timber to generate electricity and heat.

Waste wood is received at Potters Yard, shredded, stockpiled and then issued to form chipboard. With Patrick Parsons’ proposed development, the energy from the waste wood will be recovered and the shredded wood burnt in a controlled environment within the plant.

The heat generated is used to raise steam, which is then passed through a turbine to generate electricity and used within the heating system. Energy for heat will then be provided to the new development at the Smith-field site and a nearby school and leisure centre.

As a result, the plant will produce green energy, as electricity, which will be sold to the National Grid and heat that will be sold to local users.

Location:               Welshpool
Client:                    Potters Waste Management
Services:               Geo-Environmental

Potters Recycling Biomass Power Generation Plant Gallery

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