The Royal Exchange, is a residential development built around the Grade II listed Old Post Office and Telephone Exchange. Once a centre of modern communications for a bustling Victorian town, it retains the elegance of times gone by.

Situated in the heart of the historic Kingston upon Thames, this re-purposing project will offer 322 Manhattan, one, two and three bedroom apartments, adding a modern note to complement Kingston’s evolving heritage.

Both the Old Post Office and Telephone Exchange have been fully restored to their former glory. Given a new lease of life, The Telephone Exchange will become a hub for businesses and exciting new ventures that will add an invigorating creative energy and new opportunities to the area. Whereas the impressive Old Post Office will become a social focus, with restaurants, shops and meeting places.

Working in collaboration with established architects, every facet, from historic building features and modern materials, to on-site facilities have been designed to exceed expectations. Discrete investigations of the existing buildings were required in order to allow the design and incorporation of these buildings in to the overall development. Design techniques were employed which recognised the historic materials utilised in the original buildings construction.

The design of the development involved high level analysis of traditional materials and minimum intervention, in order to retain the original and historic façade and incorporate it into the new development. A design life of 60 years was required and a design approach was adopted that limited the need for new construction and focused on strengthening of the existing structure in a sustainable manner, By carefully selecting new design materials and utilising our knowledge of the historic building construction , we were able to develop solutions that minimised demolition and alteration to important historic features.

We believe the role of the Structural Engineer fulfilled by Patrick Parsons has allowed full incorporation of historic building structure into a high specification residential development such that future generations will see this sign post to the past history of the site.

Location:            Kingston Upon Thames
Client:                 St George

Royal Exchange Gallery

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