The “Soul to the Street” project, also known as the Walton on Thames High Street improvements, was a prominent public realm initiative undertaken by the Elmbridge Borough Council. The project aimed to revitalize and enhance the entire length of the High Street through paving and street scene improvements.

Given that several years had passed since the last upgrade, the High Street had started to show signs of wear and tear. In conjunction with the opening of the new Heart Shopping Centre, the Elmbridge Borough Council sought to improve the overall appearance of the area and attract more pedestrian traffic.

Our team took charge of the detailed design aspects, which encompassed the new footway paving, kerb buildouts, and the incorporation of street trees. This involved developing a comprehensive specification and navigating the S278 process. Subsequently, we managed the tender process and provided supervision during the construction phase of the project.

By implementing these improvements, the aim was to rejuvenate Walton High Street, create an appealing atmosphere, and ultimately encourage greater footfall in the area.

Services provided:
  • Developing the preliminary design into detailed
  • Negotiating with the Highway Authority
  • S278 submission
  • Tender package issue and analysis
  • On site supervision

Walton-on-Thames’ High Street is a bustling commercial hub that experiences significant foot traffic. During the construction phase, it was crucial for us to establish a close working relationship with the contractor. Our primary goal was to ensure a seamless construction process while keeping local businesses and residents well-informed and updated throughout the project.

To achieve this, we adopted various communication strategies. One such method involved conducting letter drops, where we distributed informative updates to the local community. Additionally, we actively engaged with shop owners through meetings, specifically addressing and resolving their individual concerns. By collaborating closely with all stakeholders, we aimed to alleviate any apprehensions and create a cooperative environment.

Our efforts were aimed at minimizing disruptions to the businesses and residents while maintaining open lines of communication. This proactive approach played a crucial role in fostering understanding, addressing specific concerns, and ensuring a smooth construction process along Walton-on-Thames’ vibrant High Street.

Location:         Walton on Thames
Client:              Elmsbridge Borough Council
Services:          Traffic & Transport Planning

Walton on Thames High Street Gallery

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