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Josh Smithson | Director (Environmental Consultancy) | BSc Env Sc

Josh Smithson
Director (Environmental Consultancy)
BSc Env Sc

Josh is an environmental specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the Middle East, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Australia and Europe. Since 2009, Joshua has worked throughout the Middle East where he focussed on terrestrial and marine ecology.

During this time he has designed, coordinated and led terrestrial and marine environmental field surveys throughout KSA, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. Joshua has led numerous studies throughout the Gulf including, but not limited to, Ecological Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Assessments and Environmental Monitoring Programs.

In addition to conducting baseline surveys, Joshua has designed and implemented long term monitoring programs for both marine and terrestrial environments to monitor construction activities within close proximity to environmentally sensitive receptors. Highlighting Health and safety concerns within the work place, Joshua is trained in the safe handling of animals, namely venomous snakes, and has conducted training courses for multiple organisations within the UAE on safe management practices in the workplace and minimising interactions with snakes.