Microplastics and Sustainable Drainage Design

Plastic pollution is an environmental topic that is getting increased coverage and is emerging on the public, scientific, and political agenda. While plastic pollution is often highly visible, with a gratifying before and after picture of any clean-up operation, microplastics pose a significant threat to the ecosystem and often go unchecked.

A microplastic is defined as a plastic particle that is less than 5mm in length. While this does not seem that small, most microplastics are often much smaller, in the region of 1–1000 μm (microns). Microplastics are found in growing and significant quantities in the ocean, some sources have estimated that there are as many as 50 trillion microplastic particles in the seas.

In this piece our Associate, Andy Johnson, explores the scale of the issue and how sustainable drainage can help tackle the issue looking at:

  • Microplastics in Water
  • Road Drainage
  • New Developments utilisation of SuDs
  • Foul Water Treatment

Read his insights on microplastics here.

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