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Patrick Parsons are multi-disciplinary consulting engineers also offering complementary services in building consultancy, project management and planning services. We provide consulting services in the following disciplines:

*Structural Engineering  *Civil Engineering  *Building Services  *Environment & Energy  *Geoenvironmental *Planning Support  *Infrastructure  *Building Consultancy  *White Water Course Services  *Project Management *Construction Design Management

From our offices in London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Manchester, Chester, Dubai and Sydney we work with a wide range of clients and industries throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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 Discovery Centre to join ancient heritage landscape

Discovery Centre to join ancient heritage landscape

The Sill-a landscape discovery center, business hub, youth hostel, and cafe-will...  
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Patrick Parsons win award after participating in Build Newcastle Live

The NE1forBIM team, which included engineers and technicians from Patrick Parson...  
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Patrick Parsons participates in Build Newcastle Live

Consulting engineers are competing in a 48-hour virtual challenge using BIM. ...  
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