Our commitment to sustainability and climate change

22 April 2021


Patrick Parsons is committed to leading the way in sustainability and addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change. Our dedicated sustainability committee is actively developing a range of initiatives and policies to help us achieve our goals and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Raising Awareness and Advocacy

At Patrick Parsons, we recognise the critical importance of raising awareness about the climate and biodiversity emergencies. We are actively engaging with our clients, collaborators, and supply chains to emphasise the urgent need for action. Additionally, we are advocates for faster change within our industry, encouraging a collective effort towards sustainability. By fostering dialogue and promoting awareness, we aim to drive meaningful action and create a ripple effect throughout the engineering and construction sectors.

Shift to Low Embodied Carbon Materials

One of our key priorities is accelerating the transition to low embodied carbon materials in all our projects. We understand that the materials used in construction play a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions. By evaluating and adopting sustainable alternatives, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint and contribute to a more environmentally friendly built environment. Through research, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners, we seek to identify and implement best practices for reducing embodied carbon throughout the project lifecycle.

Positive Contributions to Climate Mitigation

Patrick Parsons is committed to evaluating all new projects based on their potential to positively contribute to climate mitigation efforts. We aspire to go beyond simply reducing negative environmental impacts and actively seek opportunities to enhance sustainability. We encourage our clients to adopt this approach, promoting a holistic mindset that prioritises environmental responsibility. By integrating climate-conscious strategies and technologies into our designs, we can drive positive change, reduce emissions, and create sustainable solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment.

Collaboration for Waste Reduction and Sustainable Design

We recognize that collaboration is key to driving sustainable practices throughout the industry. At Patrick Parsons, we actively collaborate with clients, architects and contractors to further reduce construction waste. By working together, we can identify innovative solutions, implement waste reduction strategies, and promote circular economy principles. Our civils teams are at the forefront of research and implementation of sustainable design, aiming to enhance amenity on developments, increase biodiversity and habitat, achieve net-zero carbon, reduce plastic and microplastic pollution, and uphold overall best practices for sustainable design.

As a company, Patrick Parsons is deeply committed to sustainability and climate action. Our membership in organisations like the Supply Chain Sustainability School and The Green Growth Pledge, as well as our active involvement with charities such as Stormwater Shepherds demonstrate our dedication to driving positive change.

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