Wakefield Office Staff Clean Up Local Beck with Stormwater Shepherds

14 June 2021


On the 12th June, staff from our Wakefield Office teamed up with staff from the not for profit organisation, Stormwater Shepherds, to collect litter from the footpaths at the bottom of Langthwaite Lane, Moorthorpe around Langthwaite Beck and the lake.

Over the course of the morning, the team collected 10 bags of rubbish, which consisted mostly of beer cans and plastic pop bottles, and a great big piece of polystyrene. As well as a tyre and a surprisingly large amount of clothes.

Michael Micklethwaite, Civils Director at Patrick Parsons, said “We’re pleased to help with this litter clean-up, making the area safe for the wildlife and more enjoyable for those using the area for outdoor exercise. The work that Stormwater Shepherds are doing to battle the issue of litter in our waterways and environment, is only a small portion of the  wonderful work they do, but it is vital in making the world safer and cleaner for us all to enjoy for generations to come. As an organisation we will continue to support Stormwater Shepherds on future activities, so that we can contribute to making the world a better place.”

Stormwater Shepherds is an international not-for-profit committed to restoring health to our waterways. They offer up-to-date research, solutions and alternatives to the planet’s growing consumption of plastic and urban pollution, and Patrick Parsons are proud to be helping this vitally important cause.

Jo Bradley, Stormwater Shepherds, said “Litter-picks are an essential part of the work that we do, not just because we remove plastics from the environment, but also because it provides us with site-specific information. For each litter-pick that we do, we can understand what types of litter are important and how we might be able to reduce the amount. For example, we might find lots of footballs from a local park and we can ask for the fence to be repaired; or we often find lots of take-away rubbish and we can speak to local take-aways to ask them to empty their bins more often. It isn’t enough to simply remove the litter; we need to do the best we can to stop it from escaping in the first place, otherwise we’ll just be litter-picking forever.”

Find out more about Stormwater Shepherds and how you can get involved.

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