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Disease Vectors & SuDS

A disease vector is a living organism that can transmit infection to a succession of hosts. Most disease vectors are insects, for example the mosquito which is responsible for causing…

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Inactive travel: the problems of the current transport system

Over the past century, our towns and cities have been designed around making it easier to travel by car and less appealing to walk and cycle. The car is easily…

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Achieving Net Zero in Construction

Earlier this year we conducted research with one hundred senior executives of UK construction firms which have collectively been involved in over £26.6 billion worth of construction projects over the…

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Sustainable Management of Foul Water

As a follow on from the conclusions of previous articles, sustainable drainage systems for surface water are moving in the right direction for the environment. The management of foul water,…

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National Planning Framework

National Planning Policy Framework July 2021 Update

Since its introduction in 2012,  the National Planning Policy Framework has undergone regular changes  in the intervening years, with the most recent update being published last month in July 2021….

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Our Associate shares his thoughts on drainage design with New Civil Engineer

Our Associate, Andy Johnson, is featured in this months New Civil Engineer. As a designer of drainage schemes and as a zero pollution ambassador for not-for-profit organisation Stormwater Shepherds, Andy…

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Water Neutrality for Sustainable Developments

Conservation professionals and sustainability technologists have been discussing carbon neutrality for a while. Now the use of water is increasingly becoming an important environmental issue, in terms of quality and quantity available…

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Nutrient Neutrality and Sustainable Drainage for New Developments

Designated sites in England and Wales are protected under the Water Framework Directive Regulations (2017) and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2017). This means that all developments in…

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Incorporating Pillars of Sustainability in sites

The philosophy to implementing sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) on a proposed development has four key pillars to it, these are water quality, water quantity, amenity, and biodiversity. Water quantity is…

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Microplastics and Sustainable Drainage Design

Plastic pollution is an environmental topic that is getting increased coverage and is emerging on the public, scientific, and political agenda. While plastic pollution is often highly visible, with a gratifying…

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Carbon Reduction Through Sustainable Drainage Systems

On the 4th of December 2020, the Prime Minister announced ambitious new emissions target setting the UK on the path to net zero emissions by 2050. This new plan aims…

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Stem ambassador

What does it mean to be a STEM Ambassador?

What is a STEM ambassador? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths; being an ambassador means representing, in my case, engineering as a potential career opportunity. A key part of…

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