Graduate Engineer receives MSc from Newcastle University

15 December 2021

We’re delighted to share the news that our Graduate Engineer, A’isha Baig, has received her MSc Hydrology and Water Management, graduating with a Merit from Newcastle University.

A’isha first joined Patrick Parsons as a student Engineer in 2018 on a placement year as part of her BEng Civil Engineering degree. Here she discusses her most recent qualification and time at Patrick Parsons to date.

How do you feel about achieving your MSc?

I’m really proud. I did the whole thing remotely, working from home. We had to compromise a lot as Hydrology is quite an active subject with field trips, lab work and computer labs, but we had to do everything from home, so I feel as though I’ve achieved something extra special.

What does achieving this mean for your career going forward?

Achieving my MSc means that I have an extra appreciation for the way in which hydrology, catchment management and flood risk plays into the built environment and why it’s important that we seek to replicate natural hydrological processes when we consider new development designs.

I am able to draw upon my Masters directly to inform on Planning Submissions, Environmental Impact Assessments and Flood Risk Assessments. My dissertation looked at the role of drainage design software in civil engineering consultancies and the lessons we may learn from dynamic computational hydraulic models, meaning I have a better understanding of the ways in which commercial drainage design software works, how we can utilise them to their fullest and understand their limitations.

Why did you choose Patrick Parsons as the best place to start your career?

I completed work experience with ‘Stewart and Harris’ back when I was choosing my A-Level options and then when I went on to study for my Bachelors in Civil Engineering at Newcastle I came across them again as Patrick Parsons.

I felt as though a medium sized firm gives you the best chance at having a go at everything and you are able to learn from people who have the time to explain things to you. My Year in Industry was a huge success and I learnt so much – it was only natural for me to come back and hit the ground running.

What is life like as a Graduate at Patrick Parsons?

Busy! Life as a graduate at Patrick Parsons means beginning to take on projects of my own and work with different members of the team to progress jobs that are at different stages. So far, I’ve worked on such a large range of projects from feasibility through to construction and I’ve learnt a lot from drainage design, to how to best manage my time!! Life is busy but rewarding.

What are your career goals?

As a hydrology graduate I’m obviously just going with theflow(eek),but mainly I’d like to just keep working on my professional development and technical skills. I want to end up doing some big research projects in developing countries involved in catchment management and flood risk but I think that’s at least a couple of decades off!!

What would you say to other Graduates thinking about joining Patrick Parsons?

I think it’s the best kind of environment to start out in. You truly get out what you put in, and the people here will teach you a lot and you’ll have the freedom to grow into an excellent engineer. Do it!

What’s next for you?

I’m hoping to carry on progressing within the company and hopefully get stuck in with more work that is hydrology orientated. We’re definitely doing more flood risk kind of stuff and that’s the work that really excites me!

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