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East Lane House

  • LocationRuncorn
  • ClientShah Capital

Patrick Parsons carried out an asbestos refurbishment survey of the property as part of a project to redevelop the site for residential use.

The site comprises a large five storey office building with archiving areas, staff welfare facilities and plant rooms, constructed in the 1960’s and was in a derelict and unsafe condition. There was extensive fire damage on the ground floor. In addition, floor ducts had been opened and asbestos insulating board ceilings pulled down, resulting in widespread asbestos contamination.

Patrick Parsons Asbestos Survey Departmet provided a thorough and detailed report showing the quantity of asbestos containing materials in each area of the property. This facilitated a competitive tendering process for the asbestos removal and avoided the potential for additional removal costs and disruption to the program during the refurbishment of the building.