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Cragend Landslip, B6344 highway

  • LocationRothbury
  • ClientNational Trust

Two major landslips occurred in 2012 following a prolonged period of wet weather, which resulted in one of the main access roads into Rothbury (the B6344) becoming impassable.

The area had been prone to landslip previously which had resulted in a previous repair to the east of the main slip. The landslip affected two sections of the road and extended into the National Trust’s estate land of which the western section jeopardised the Forest Drive access road belonging to the National Trust (NT) within the Cragside Estate, a key feature of the estate visitor experience.

Patrick Parsons were commissioned by the NT as geotechnical consultant to assess the impact of the landslip within their property and the potential effects on the estate road and provide consultancy advice and recommendations regarding the overall c.£30M slope remediation works proposed by Northumberland Council to stabilise the slope and reinstate the B6344.

Patrick Parsons provided geotechnical advice including geomorphological and geological mapping including slope stability assessment to allow a technical review of the proposed remedial options proposed by Northumberland Council and how these options may impact upon the Trusts estate.