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Greenside Mine, Ulswater

  • LocationGlenridding, Ulswater
  • ClientLake District National Parks Authority

Following closure of the Greenside Mine in the mid 20th century, a series of tailings dams constructed on the lower slopes of Heron Pike became the responsibility of the Lake District National Parks Authority (LDNPA).

The dams became subject to decay over the years through natural erosion and wildlife and slope failure occurred in an adjacent tailings dam during remedial works in the early 2000s.

Patrick Parsons were appointed to provide geotechnical services and slope stability assessment of the repaired and existing tailings dams and to provide advice to the LDNPA.

The project included visual assessment of the tailings dams and the identification of the potential issues that could lead to a future slope failure. A condition survey, geomorphological mapping and groundwater monitoring were completed quarterly, and later bi-annual intervals to inform LDNPA of the condition of this asset.

Patrick Parsons undertook a technical review and re-appraisal of the slope stability assessments and recommended remedial actions to be undertaken. Our geotechnical expertise in geomorphological mapping and slope stability assessments allowed us to provide a strategy to prolong the life of the dams and prevent the potential for a further failure to occur.