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Chapelford Primary School

  • LocationWarrington
  • Value£4.7m
  • ClientWarrington Borough Council
  • ArchitectSBS

This new build school meets strict criteria for energy conservation and efficiency and includes features such as lighting control with absence detectors, mechanical heat recovery ventilation and air source heat pumps which offer renewable heating to the school.

Advanced energy modelling techniques were used to determine the optimum energy solution of air source heat pumps to provide the school’s hot water and heating.

The mechanical heat recovery ventilation units keep the classrooms full of fresh air whilst extracting up to 80% of the heating from the outgoing air and transfer it to heat up the incoming air flow. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to bring the fresh outdoor air up to room temperature and improves comfort within the learning environment. A bypass mode enables cool fresh air to be introduced during the summer months.

The design also incorporates air conditioning units which are used to deliver efficient heating and cooling which counteracts the heat generated from computers, lighting and other equipment.